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Cayucos Real Estate Cayucos

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Do you want to be advised by a six decade native resident and Local broker for 33 years, or a forceful sales agent? Would you feel more confident in your decision making processes if your Broker was also a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser who had appraised over 4,000 local properties?  What if this very same Broker also was a past loan underwriter of private, as well as conventional loans, and understood all the ways to finance a property if financing is needed? How about if that very same Broker taught real estate taxation for 15 years?  And finally, do you think it would give you an advantage if that Broker had lived 2 blocks from downtown Cayucos all his life and was familiar with the local real estate agents, brokers and who are the real estate hobbyists? cayucos realty consulting

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Cayucos Real Estate Cayucos

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